About Us

Shop your grocery at supermarket, grab a bottle of freshly-made juices into your cart and you think this is the best way to get the nutrition that you want. Orange juice, carrot juice or even you can choose a mix flavour juice. What could be nicer than this? You get natural nutrition you want in a bottle, easy and nutritious.


Who Are Rxforwv.Org?

But wait, have you ever think about the juices you buy are truly 100% organic? Does it contain preservatives? What is the process of making the juices and still remain the highest nutrition?


Most of the manufacturers added sugar and preservatives to the juices. Heat pasteurized is the common way for manufacturers to process the vegetable and fruit into juices. These steps had totally destroyed the nutrition of the raw food. These kind of juices could harmful your health and create acidic in your body. Most of the juices do not left much nutrition that you needs.

We care for your health. We work hard to bring the most benefits to you by produce the best organic juices to you and your family. Is not about the juices, is all about how you can get the most nutrition from the fruits and vegetable.

We realized the important of the fresh juices that contains vitamins that make your body healthier. To make it more worth of it, we decided to use cold-pressed technology to produces the finest organic juices to you.
Cold-pressed technology is different with the pasteurized. This technology used hydraulic press to extract the juices from fruits and vegetable to get the finest nutrition to you. It allows the juices store for more days and maintains the most nutrition of the fruits and vegetables.

Feel the fresh! You can definitely feels cold-pressed juices are tastier and fresher than others. Enjoy the refreshment that our organic juices that brings to you. You will see the difference when you consume our organic juices every day. Your skin looks healthier, rehydrate you body, strengthen your body immune system and makes you more energized.
We guarantee your satisfaction by using 100% organic fruits and vegetable. We produce our organic juices 100% by cold-pressed technology, free from preservatives, antioxidants, colouring and artificial sugars. We only use real fruits and vegetables that do not consist any chemical fertiliser.

Our mission is to bring you the most convenience way to consume 100% organic juices without any worry. We provide you the safer way to purchase our products from our e-commerce site by only few clicks. Enjoy the superb online purchasing experience with us. Order now and pay later. As an online merchant, we partner with the most reliable delivery companies in town and we provide you few easy payment methods to keeping you safe.

We care about the communities and environment. We intend to raise awareness of community about organic farming and the health benefits of consuming organic foods through educations activities and community events.